St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Kamer van Koophandel en Nijverheid

Serving the Island of St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean


Welcome to the official website of the St.Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry


 The Sint Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) is the Trade Registry for Sint Maarten. This entity in accordance with the stipulations of the law registers all businesses, seeking to be operational in Sint Maarten.

COCI through its trade register aides in providing a secure environment for business undertakings in Sint Maarten. Whilst this is the primary function of COCI, COCI furthermore contributes in many ways to the socio-economic development of Sint Maarten. COCI, through its representatives on Committees or through its advisory function, undertakes to contribute effectively and actively toward initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable business environment in St. Maarten.
COCI in collaboration with USM (The University of Saint Martin) and the business community strives through education, internships and forums to enhance the employment opportunities of young Sint Maarten men and women. Supporting programs geared towards the development of the Arts is deemed another means towards support of the overall development of Sint Maarten.
COCI partners with the business community in an effort to redress concerns and also works towards the design and implementation of solutions with stakeholders and the Government. COCI coordinates initiatives for and on behalf of the business community and organizes events, awareness programs to assist the different sectors in the business community to enhance their reach within the community, the region or globally.
COCI through its Board of Directors, elected officials representing small and large businesses, formulates annual plans and programs under a selected theme which permits a focused attention to several industries over a 3 year term.
Through our website we offer insight into our structure, the work we do, the initiatives we support and our progress or achievements. COCI is continuously working towards enhancement of its product, namely a better service offering to the community of Sint Maarten, and to investors from abroad desirous of establishing a business in Sint Maarten.
We welcome you to our website and hope that you enjoy the experience. Please contact us with any queries remaining or for an elucidation on information provided on this website.