St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry Congratulates the Establishment of the National Employment Services Center (NESC)
Nov 18 2023

Philipsburg – The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) extends heartfelt congratulations on the establishment of the National Employment Services Center (NESC), a pivotal institution that bridges the gap between the local labor market and the business sector.

The advent of NESC represents a significant milestone for St. Maarten, as it addresses a longstanding need for a dedicated connection between job seekers and the business community. The establishment of NESC fills a void that has existed, fostering synergy between the skilled workforce and the dynamic demands of the business market.

With NESC in place, St. Maarten now boasts a much-needed mechanism to facilitate a seamless interaction between those seeking employment opportunities and the entities searching for qualified and talented individuals. This synergy is crucial for the continued growth and prosperity of our nation.

COCI recognizes that NESC’s ambitions go beyond mere job placement. NESC aspires to play a pivotal role in enhancing entrepreneurship, aligning seamlessly with COCI’s commitment to fostering a robust business environment.

“The establishment of the National Employment Service Center is music to the ears of COCI,” said Ms. PeggyAnn Brandon, President of the board of directors of COCI. “We understand that the future development of our nation relies on creating an environment where skilled, educated, and trained individuals can find the perfect platform to contribute to our products and services.”

The visionary approach of NESC is evident in its commitment to not only address current workforce challenges but to proactively contribute to the nation’s growth by facilitating an environment where entrepreneurship can thrive.

As we celebrate the launch of NESC, COCI expresses its enthusiasm for the positive impact this institution will have on the St. Maarten community. We look forward to witnessing the continued collaboration between job seekers and the business sector, creating a harmonious ecosystem that propels our island’s economic development to new heights.