N.V. vs B.V.

A brief overview of the similarities and differences between the N.V. and B.V.

In short the difference between in Dutch N.V. (Naamloze Vennootschap) in English a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or in Dutch B.V (Besloten Vennootschap) in English a Private Liability company (PLC).

Key Characteristics
  • The difference between an LLC (NV) and PLC (B.V.) There is NO fiscal difference between an LLC (NV) and PLC (B.V.), it is not relevant which entity you choose for the core business (objectives) as the same tax laws and tariffs apply for both entities.
  • The only difference is that the LLC (NV..) can have bearer shares and the B.V. not. But our local banks do not cooperate with companies having bearer shares.
  • The period of calling up the shareholders for a meeting is 10 days for an LLC (N.V.), and 5 days for a PLC (BV), and a distinction can be made on voting rights in an LLC (N.V.), which is NOT possible with a PLC (B.V.).
  • The publication and audit compliance can be stricter when it comes to a large LLC (N.V.), being an entity with at least twenty (20) employees employed, the value of the assets being more than five (5) million guilders, and the net turnover is at least ten (10) million guilders.
  • There are then much stricter publication requirements than with a normal LLC (N.V.)
Public Limited Liability Company (N.V.) vs Private Limited Liability Company (B.V.)