B2B Connect


Business to Business Connect Portal

COCI’s Business 2 Business (B2B) connect portal is a centralized platform where Chamber Compliance Certified St. Maarten businesses make themselves available for matchmaking interactions locally, regionally and internationally.

How does B2B Connect work?

The B2B Connect portal works twofold:

The B2B Connect Portal contains a list of businesses available for trade and connections. 

1. Any St. Maarten business that is registered and is seeking to make themselves available for matchmaking can register to become a B2B member. As a member, you are placed on our portal, anyone seeking the services of your business can connect with you to do so.

2. Any business person or legal entity, locally, regionally, or internationally, seeking to do trade and or collaborate with a local St. Maarten business can make use of our B2B Connect portal to do so.

B2B Portal

How to use the B2B Portal:

Click on B2B portal to connect with a local St. Maarten business. From contractors,  accountants or web-designers; via the portal you can find any company by industry, and connect with them!

You can trust that a company is trustworthy due to our Chamber Compliance Certification.

Become a B2B Member

Membership Requirements:

Being a B2B member means that YOU (an entrepreneur and or legal entity) are able and willing to showcase your business on our portal as an establishment that is seeking to connect with another business locally, regionally, or internationally.

  1. Your business has to be registered in the St. Maarten Chambers’ Commercial Register.
  2. Your COCI payments must be up-to-date.
  3. B2B Membership fee