All legal businesses and legal entities are obliged to keep the Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s registration information up-to-date and paid for. The De-Registration process has commenced per June 2021 for businesses that do not comply.

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De-Registration Process:

In accordance with Article 25, book 2 of the Civil Code, the St. Marten Chamber of Commerce and Industry reserve the rights to deregistered businesses or entities that are considered non-compliant with their obligation as a registrant with the Chamber. A business or entity can be considered non-compliant for the following reasons:

  1. Outstanding payment of annual registration fee to the Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Failure to submit name(s) of director(s) of business to the Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Failure to log official operating address of businesses/entities.
  4. Failure to comply with general other registration policy of the Chamber of Commerce.

Once businesses and legal entities are identified to be non-compliant for the above reasons, the Chamber of Commerce will announce the proposals to dissolve or deregister these businesses and legal entities, with reference to the circumstances on which the intention is based. If the mentioned circumstances still apply six (6) weeks after the announcement of the proposal to dissolve of deregister businesses or entities in the National Gazette and a local newspaper or its media page, the Chamber of Commerce dissolves the business or legal entity, unless the Chamber establishes that within the period of six weeks the circumstances on which the intention to dissolve or deregister is based, does not exist any longer. Therefore, there has been some form of engagement with the Chamber of Commerce by the businesses or entities to have the status of the circumstances change.

Proposals to Dissolve

Official Notice to Dissolve / Ontbindingsbeschikkingen