High School Entrepreneurship 2020-2021

MAR 2021 - JUN 2021 Entrepreneurship Presentations

In March 2021, COCI initiated “Entrepreneurship Presentations” for the St. Maarten High Schools. The goal was to engage, inspire, and provide high school students with Business insights and knowledge on Entrepreneurship. 

Our COCI Entrepreneurship Presentations commenced in March of 2021 and ended in June. The presentation was prepared by COCI and was presented to ten (10) of theeleven (11) institutions. Presentations were conducted in-person and in some instances via virtual means given the Covid-19 guidelines. Institutions that have received presentations during our presentation include:

  • St. Maarten Academy PSVE, held on March 4th, via ZOOM, 63 students
  • National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA), held on March 15th and18th, via ZOOM, 46 students
  • Caribbean International Academy (CIA), held on March 22nd, in person, 10 students
  • St. Dominic High School, held on April 8th, via ZOOM, 41 students
  • Charlotte Brookson Academy (CBA), held on April 14th, in person, 29 students.
  • Mac High School, held on April 15th, in person, 35 students.
  • Milton Peter College (MPC), held on April 18th, via ZOOM, 58 students.
  • Academy CAPE division, held on May 10th, in person, 28 students.
  • Vocational High School, held on May 12th, in person, 28 students.
  • Sundial High School, held on June 1st, in person, 35 students.