About Us

What does COCI do?

The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry (COCI) is a non-profit organization. Its main role is to ensure that all businesses and legal entities on St. Maarten are registered in its Commercial Register. In the pursuit of our objective, the Chamber is a non-racial, non-sectarian, non-political, and gender-friendly organization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure compliancy of all businesses and legal entities given our regulatory function of maintaining the Trade and Commercial Register of St. Maarten, while promoting economic growth through advocacy and business support to the business community.

Our Vision

To be that lead entity, propelling St. Maarten to a stronger and more sustainable economy by providing accurate business data, business connectivity, trade opportunities, and commercial facilitation through lobbying, advocacy, and business support.

Advocacy of the Business Community

We serve as a advocacy group and address the varied concerns of the Business Community through various dialogue and exchanges with Government officials and various Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s). We offer solicited and unsolicited advice on matters concerning the country’s economic development.

Business Center

COCI organizes in-house and off-site skills and cognitive training workshops for its clients and non-clients alike. We also carry out consultancy services for clients by offering guidance, information, administrative assistance and support to the Business Community through our Business Center

Workshops and more

We promote the general interest of the business community of St. Maarten and are the forefront of various issues which affect the private sector. Therefore we hold business and educational seminars, webinars and expos in conjunction with our partners in the community.

Documentary Evidence

We issue documentary evidence such as certificates of origin, extracts, legalizations, and other statements

Central Organization

We are a central organization for collecting, distributing, and disseminating information of a business nature.

Promoting the Trade Industry

We promote Trade and Industry, and represent the opinion of the business community on these matters in St. Maarten

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