Our Board

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is the governing body that regulates the internal functioning and internal relationships of the Chambers executive board, board, and staff. They are also responsible for the implementation, interpretation, and promotion of policies.

The St. Maarten Chambers’ board consists of a total of nine (9) private sector board members who are all chosen by the electorate of registered business people. The Chamber is the official representative of the private sector.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is elected via internal elections by the Board of Directors

Ms. Peggy Ann Brandon


Mr. Louis Bute

Vice President

Ms. Mirurgia Brown


Board Members

The Board Members are elected by the St. Maarten Business Community, who nominates 3 candidates to represent them from a slate of nominees.

Mr. Benjamin Ortega

Board Member

Mr. Bertaux Fleming

Board Member

Ms. Ife Badejo

Board Member

Ms. Charlise Philips

Board Member

Ms. Anuska Friday

Board Member

Ms. Jennifer Carty

Board Member